Sappest Pro

Here we show & describe in detail the operation of of the Sappest Pro app.

The images shown represent an iPhone but the process is identical for iPad and Mac.

Download pdf installation instructions (opens in a new window)

Pro Home


Login with Face ID will only appear after you have registered and only if your device supports it.

Your Location

After you have registered for your Sappest profile, or logged in, you will be led here. On the 'My Location' page, you will be invited to register your phone's location at that moment, or place your marker anywhere you wish on the Sappest map. You can also choose to hide your location, and change your availability.
Pro Menu


Tapping the top left of any page will reveal the full menu. Most of the pages are self-explanatory, but if you need guidance, tap on the information icon , top right.

Your Contact Details

You choose the information you want to include in your profile. This is also where you can change the role you listed on registration, if you wish to be seen as a Multi-Skilled freelancer rather than a specialist.



Many of the options are dependant on the role you have selected in your profile - these are the skills for a Broadcast Freelancer.


Here you can quickly add all the equipment at your disposal.

Social Media

If you would like media organisations to be able to directly access any, or all, of your social media accounts, fill in the URLs here, not forgetting the https prefix.

Profile Preview

When you have filled in all the different sections of your Sappest Pro profile, you can see how it will be presented to media organisations in the Sappest Newsdesk App. All this information will be directly accessible from the Sappest interactive map.