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We are delighted to announce that the Sappest Apps, for media freelancers and media news desks, for Apple mobile devices and Mac computers,  are now in the final stages of pre-release Beta testing

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What does Sappest do?

Sappest is a ground-breaking geo-locator mapping app for the media industry. It allows media organisations all over the world to find media freelancers in seconds, no matter where they are, and immediately identify their capabilities and resources.

When news breaks, newsrooms worldwide can see who is close to the scene and send them an instant message. Sappest has been designed by a team of international news editors, for news editors, to fill the perennial need for instant coverage of breaking news events.

To that end, Sappest is also a revolutionary new platform for live-streaming - bringing together the best of the live-streams from any breaking news event - right into the pocket of global news editors.

Sappest is actually two specifically-designed apps - one for media organisations and one for media freelancers - which both benefit from the same interactive geo-location map. The apps are available for Apple mobile devices and mac computers.

This is how the geo-locator works.

Sappest Newsdesk For Media Organisations

News editors have their own dedicated Sappest App which allows them to see thousands of broadcast and print media freelancers, plus current live-streaming citizen journalists, on the Sappest worldwide geo-locator map at any one time. News editors can search the map by location or by news event hotspots.
One touch on each of the freelancer markers opens their professional profile with full contact details, plus the ability to send an instant message to that person, or to a number of freelancers at once. Freelancer profile details include their specific skills, their languages, their equipment, their social media accounts (if provided) and their present and future availability.
All media organisations using the Sappest Newsdesk App are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are bonafide news organisations, and only news editors can see the freelancers' professional information.

Sappest Pro For Media Freelancers

The app for media freelancers is called Sappest Pro. Any professional media freelancer, or frequent citizen journalist live-streamer, can create a profile on Sappest Pro and put their marker on the Sappest interactive geo-locator map. During registration, freelancers are invited to list their specific skills; their languages; their resources in terms of broadcast equipment; any past examples of their work; their website; their social media accounts and their current and future availability. They can also provide their full contact details, including whether they have a WhatsApp number.
Freelancer markers on the map are colour coded, and news editors can filter their search to find exactly what they need to meet their needs. There is a special icon for live-streaming citizen journalists. When News Editors click on a freelancer marker on the geo-locator map, they will be presented with their full profile details, plus the ability to send an instant message to that freelancer.
To protect privacy and security, freelancers update their own geo-location using their device’s location services, or they can choose a fixed location such as their office. Each freelancer can only see their own details on the Sappest map, and not the profile or location of others.