Sappest NewsDesk

Here we show & describe in detail the operation of of the Sappest NewsDesk app


Login with Face ID will only appear after you have registered and only if your device supports it.

News Hotspots

Login opens this page first - where the Sappest App team have identified the six major breaking stories of the moment. One tap on the story which interests you most will take you straight to that location, where you can see all the freelancers who are nearby.

Map View

Whether accessing the map from a News Hot Spot shortcut, or a general map search, you can choose or change a location by dragging and pressing the map, or by typing in a town name in the search box. You choose the radius for your search, and you select the skills base you wish to see on the map. By tapping on any microphone, you can see the name, category and availability of the Sappest freelancer. Tap 'Read More' to see their full profile.

Freelancer Profile View

The Sappest freelancer's profile showcases their skills, equipment, languages and contact details, as well as their professional website, previous work examples, their social media links and future availability. You can message each freelancer directly in the Sappest App, or email or call them using the information provided. You can also message a number of freelancers at once directly from the map view.