About Us

Who is behind Sappest?

The Sappest Pro and Sappest Newsdesk Apps, for media freelancers and media organisations worldwide, have been created by veteran journalists who work in the top echelons of the print and broadcast news industry, and who know that when news breaks, there is nothing more important than finding someone on the scene instantly and booking them before anyone else. These Apps make that possible with a geo-locator map, interactive profiles and an instant messaging facility.

Sappest's founders are broadcast and print editors, journalists and technicians for media outlets worldwide. They work in international and national radio and television newsrooms, as well as for national and regional print and magazines.

But even though Sappest’s veteran journalist founders know exactly what newsrooms need when stories break, they did not have the technical know-how to make this app happen.

That has been down to our app building supremos, James Buckley and Adrian Thurley, who have worked for hundreds of hours to make sure the Sappest App does what it says on the tin; harnessing the very latest technology available.

Another founder of Sappest, Jack Gilliat, is a professional international livestream director and he brings his technical knowledge to the livestream arena which we know is becoming increasingly important for media organisations worldwide.