About Us

We, the founders of Sappest, are veteran news editors, reporters, correspondents and producers who've spent years working in the news business for print and online media, and broadcasters worldwide. We have personally faced the challenge of finding freelancers and guests in a hurry, in remote parts of the world, when news breaks. Sappest has been created to make that task far easier, and also to help newsrooms spot and source social media info, photos and live and recorded video more expediently, when they need it most.

Why Sappest?

The Associated Press coined the phrase in 'telex times'. 'Sappest' meant 'as soon as possible' - easier to type than the all-capitals ASAP when reports were charged by the word. It became common jargon in newsrooms.

What does Sappest mean?

The Associated Press used to have an internal messaging wire on which inventive short form words and abbreviations were commonly coined. 'Onpass', 'Upsend'.

'Sappest' meant "as soon as possible", as it was easier to type than the all-capitals ASAP. As a result it became common 'telegraphese' or 'cablese' jargon in many newsrooms, given international telexes were charged by the word.